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From sea creatures to sights and sounds, this month our clinics have learned all about the ocean. Want to continue your children’s education at home? Check out these easy sea activities:

Squishy sensory bag

Good for: Fine motor skills and language development

What you’ll need: Large Ziploc bag, clear hair gel, blue food coloring, play sea creatures and plastic or foam letters

Instructions: Combine clear hair gel with a few drops of blue food coloring in the large Ziploc bag. Add the first letter of each sea creature to the bag and have your child move the letters next to the corresponding figure.

Sticky sand

Good for: Fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination

What you’ll need: 5 cups of sand, 3 cups of all-purpose flour and 1 cup of vegetable oil

Instructions: Combine sand, all-purpose flour and vegetable oil in a sensory bin or plastic tub. Encourage your children to practice writing letters, drawing different sea creatures with their fingers or hiding objects in the sand for a treasure hunt.

Ocean discovery bottle

Good for: calming or stress relief

What you’ll need:
Plastic water bottle, glitter glue, loose glitter, blue food coloring, seashells and play sea creatures

Instructions: Squeeze ingredients into half-full plastic water bottle and shake to combine. Add in seashells and play sea creatures. Ask your children to move the bottle, identify the different creatures or point out different colors.

Need ideas for other activities you can do at home? Contact our clinics at 870-633-1737.