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9-07All summer long, we’re making a splash with scheduled water play days. Not only is this a great way for our kiddos to beat the heat, it helps them develop their motor skills, vocabulary, creativity, imagination and more! Check out a few of the benefits of water play below:

Strengthen Motor Skills: From pouring to scrubbing to scooping, water play helps children boost their fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and pincer grip. Carrying and pouring buckets of water promotes gross motor skills while wading or swimming in pools increases core strength and stamina.

Enhance Cognitive Development: Water play is an easy way to expand children’s cognitive development, creative thinking and problem-solving skills. Watching items sink, float, shrink or grow gives us the opportunity to discuss science concepts, math skills or measurements.

Encourage Language Development: Imagination can run rampant when playing in water—children can be a shark, mermaid, fisherman or marine biologist. Creating these scenarios is an opportunity for kids to learn new vocabulary words, practice narration or stringing different words together.

Nurture Social Skills: When presented with tranquil and repetitive tasks (e.g., scooping, pouring), children are able to hone their ability to concentrate on activities and relax. With more active and engaging activities, they often learn to practice cooperation, role-play, sharing or turn-taking.

Every day, Kids for the Future helps children learn new skills through fun experiences. If you have questions about water play or other hands-on educational activities you can do at home, please contact our clinics at 870-633-1737.