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For nearly a decade, Tony Robinson has been a hardworking and treasured team member in our Marion clinic as a qualified behavior health provider. Recently, he was promoted to become one of our health and safety directors. Learn more about Tony’s work and how he’s continuing to make a difference for Kids for the Future, Inc. Counseling Service families in the Q&A below:

What is your favorite part of working for Kids for the Future, Inc.?

There is nothing I love more than building relationships with our clients and their families. It is incredibly rewarding to see their progress and, ultimately, be able to help change their lives for the better.

What are three words you would use to describe Kids for the Future, Inc.?

  • Caring: Every member of our team truly cares for our clients. This compassion helps us achieve positive results.

  • Supportive: Our team is more like a family. We encourage each other in everything we do, and our management listens to us, implements our suggestions and supports us.
  • Efficient: Mental health waits for no one. Because we have the overarching support of our company’s leaders, we’re extremely effective and efficient in providing quality services.

Why do you think Kids for the Future is so successful in helping kids?

We have a professional staff that goes above and beyond. From our therapists to our teachers, everyone’s values align. This teamwork and dedication resonates with our clients and their families and allows us to serve them well.

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