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As a qualified behavior health provider, Michael Brown has helped countless at-risk teens develop and successfully implement healthy coping and life skills. We recently had the opportunity to visit with Michael about his experience working at Kids for the Future, Inc.’s outpatient behavioral clinic in Forrest City:

Why do you enjoy working for Kids for the Future, Inc.?

I primarily serve pre-teen and teenage boys. I try to be a mentor and friend to them, rather than a counselor. I’m able to gain their trust by engaging with them on a more personal level. Sometimes, building that confidence is as easy as tossing a football while we talk. Sadly, for most at-risk youth that’s the most meaningful interaction they may get from an adult. 

What are three words you would use to describe Kids for the Future, Inc.?

  • Caring: Kids, Inc. deeply cares about the people we serve. We’ve made it our mission to help kids and their families while bettering the community as a whole. 
  • Supportive: We’re fortunate to have support from the top-down. Our management wants us to succeed, and they listen to us and let us try new things.
  • Resourceful: We have a clinic-wide text to share best practices, feedback and suggestions. I’m constantly amazed by how we’re able to develop new and innovative treatments to better serve our clients.

What is your favorite Kids for the Future, Inc. memory?

A few years ago, Kids for the Future held a school supply drive. We had several box trucks full of essentials—from pencils to diapers—for anyone that needed them. That display of goodwill reaffirmed our ongoing commitment to our clients and the entire community.

Why do you think Kids for the Future, Inc. is so successful in helping kids?

We’re heavily involved in the community. I often get calls from principals, teachers and civic leaders to come and speak to teens that needs grief support, behavior intervention or general advice. They know we care about these kids and their families.

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