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Employee Spotlight: Krissie Shells

Krissie Shells has been a valued team member at our Marion clinic for more than three years. As a licensed clinician and social worker, she combines her expertise, encouraging spirit and positive attitude to help the families we serve. Learn more about Krissie below:

What made you want to be a social worker?

My path to social work wasn’t intentional. It found me. I initially went to school for criminal justice, with long-term plans of becoming an attorney. Before graduation, my professors pulled me aside to tell me I should be a social worker since I’m a good listener and love helping people—traits I inherited from my parents who are pastors.

What is the best part of working for Kids for the Future?

The people, by far. Many of our team members are near the same age or “near peers” so we’re able to motivate and challenge each other. This dynamic has helped me be my authentic self and grow as an individual and therapist.

What is your favorite Kids for the Future memory? 

During my first end-of-the-summer party, I decided to dive in head-first—literally. I was the first adult down the water slide. I loved getting to connect with the kids and, as importantly, play with them. Since then, I’ve gained a better understanding for meeting the client where they are, being nimble, and the importance of authenticity. Being myself is the key to gaining trust of the children and families that I work with, and it allows me to accept where they are and work accordingly.

Why do you think Kids for the Future has been so successful in helping kids? 

As a more than 20-year-old business, Kids for the Future is extremely efficient and ready to adapt at a moment’s notice to better meet children and their families’ needs. It’s a community where everyone has input, and their feedback is used to continually improve the overall experience.

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