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Ahh, spring break. Many of us are looking forward to a week of relaxation and quality time with the family. Others are stressing about keeping kids occupied for a full seven days. Whether you’re traveling out of state or sticking close to home next week, Kids for the Future’s therapists are sharing five fun (and affordable) activities your whole family can enjoy:

  1. Make homemade Play-Doh or, if your children are older, homemade slime with easy-to-follow, Pinterest Then, play with the material with kid-friendly rollers, cutters or tools to help improve children’s hand strength, fine motor skills, literacy and knowledge of different shapes and colors.
  2. Schedule regular “craft time” with markers, crayons, glitter, glue, paper, cardboard, stickers, popsicle sticks—the works—so children can enjoy much-needed quiet time while still expressing their creativity.
  3. Host a picnic at a local park, playground or in your living room. Invite friends to join or ask your children to help prepare a few of their favorite dishes ahead of time to make the occasion extra special.
  4. Hold a scavenger hunt by hiding different items inside (or outside) your house and creating pictures, clues or puzzles for children to find the treasure.
  5. Visit your local library for story time or other kid-friendly events. Or, ask your therapist or teacher for book suggestions to enjoy throughout spring break week.

How are you keeping your kiddos busy this spring break? Share your plans or activity suggestions on Kids for the Future’s Facebook.