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Elmo, Big Bird, and Cookie Monster are three well-known characters from the popular children’s program, Sesame Street. The show originated decades ago and was the first program that proved to be not just entertaining, but educational as well. The show underwent multiple research studies and trial phases before it became successful.

Since its conception, Sesame Street has remained one of the most rewarding educational television programs for children. However, throughout the years the show has faced many changes—a few being societal, economic, and generational. Likewise, the 1990s brought with it new children’s programs that grew to be great competitors of Sesame Street. Therefore, the producers have had to consistently find ways to keep the show evolving while keeping to the main theme and mission of the program.

Recently, Sesame Street has decided that it is time to make add to its cast. This new member will change things up on the block and give the Street just what it needs to keep things interesting. The new Muppet will potentially help young children to be more understanding of others and their differences or needs. The new Muppet, named Julia, has a few distinct characteristics. Find our more about Julia here!