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KFF Parkin and Helena: Clinic RN
Clinic Registered Nurse



Collaborates with Primary Care Physicians (PCP) and other allied health personnel regarding medical needs of patients. Maintains list of patient medications and administers medications as prescribed. Examines patients in need of medical attention and responds accordingly, making sound decisions based on facts and experience. Gathers medical information on all new patients enrolled in facility. Maintains documentation of Accident/Incident Reports, Child Abuse Reports, patient immunizations, and employee CPR certification.


  1. Effective nursing skills
  2. Effective communication
  3. Effective documentation skills


  1. Collaborates with PCPs and other allied health personnel regarding medical needs of patients. Reports pertinent medical information to PCPs upon discovery.
  2. Maintains organized and updated list of scheduled and prn medications for each patient receiving medications at the facility. Obtains prescribing information from the parent, doctor, or pharmacy. Completes daily documentation of medications, including dosage, frequency, and route of medications given on the Medication Administration Record (MAR). Monitors patients for drug reactions and documents any on the Drug Reaction Log. Notifies guardians when medications need to be refilled.
  3. Examines patients in need of medical attention and responds accordingly, making sound nursing decisions based on facts and experience. Notifies parents of situation requiring medical attention either by telephone or letter. If necessary, contacts the PCP or Medical Director for recommendations. Documents illness or injury requiring medical attention. Follows-up with patient and/or family and documents follow-up action taken.
  4. Gathers medical information, including immunization records, medical consents, prescribed medications, and allergies on all new patients enrolled to facility. Mails completed Release of Information forms to request any additional information needed from doctors, hospitals, or other facilities. Informs staff of medical concerns as appropriate.
  5. Advocates for referrals to outside specialists and other allied health personnel as needed. Notifies parents or guardians of referrals and any appointments made.
  6. Determines appropriate plan of action and instructs involved employees as to what documentation should be completed and how a parent or guardian should be notified when informed of accidents or incidents. Maintains completed Accident/Incident Report forms in numerical order.
  7. Follows through on orders received from nutritionist, including notifying treatment room staff, parents, and PCPs, updating growth charts, etc.
  8. Maintains documentation of immunizations for each patient enrolled in facility. Ensures immunizations remain current during enrollment by notifying parents or guardians when they are due.
  9. Maintains updated list of allergies for each patient in the facility. Informs therapists and treatment room staff any time new allergies are added.
  10. Reviews all medical records received and distributes to appropriate personnel. Interprets clinical data to identify patient risk, both actual and potential. Initiates appropriate action and reports to team members.
  11. Notifies appropriate personnel when medical equipment needs to be ordered (syringes, serum, gloves, etc) and stocks equipment when delivered.
  12. Maintains first aid kits and oxygen tanks
  13. Maintains daily temperature checks on the refrigerator containing medications.
  14. Assures that medical documentation is complete and in compliance with regulatory agencies and standards as established by the clinic.
  15. Promotes continuity, consistency, and expediency of care to patients and families.
  16. Serves as resource for clinic staff in areas of primary health care, infection control, disease processes, and emergency procedures. Performs staff in-services as needed.
  17. Maintains Medical Policies and Procedures Manual in a current status at all times.
  18. Assists in efforts of marketing and patient education.
  19. Completes relevant and approved continuing professional education each year as required to maintain professional licensure.
  20. Is familiar with the company’s policies and procedures and guidelines, as well as those requirements set forth by regulatory agencies, including EIDT, AR Child Care Licensing, DPSQA, CARF, and the AR Health Department.
  21. Reports for work dressed appropriately and complies with established company policies regarding dress code.
  22. Ensures confidentiality of patient and employee information and responds to internal and external information according to clinic policy.
  23. May perform other related and non-related duties, as assigned and agreed upon by both parties.
  24. Will perform a quarterly supervision report.
  25. Regular and punctual attendance is required.
  26. Has the ability to work required overtime.


  1. Must be a graduate of an accredited school of vocational nursing.
  2. Must be licensed as a nurse in the state of Arkansas.
  3. Must be able to work well with different types of people. Must relate and communicate easily and effectively with children, parents, and health care professionals.
  4. Must be able to work with culturally diverse population and be sensitive to the needs of each population.
  5. In-depth knowledge of children with special needs preferred.


  1. Must be able to lift up to 50 pounds.
  2. Must be physically able to walk, stand, and stoop for several hours each day.
  3. Must be willing and able to sit on the floor and get up without assistance.


SUPERVISOR:  CEO / Director of Nursing / Designee

JOB STATUS:  This position is a full-time, exempt position.  It is also a safety sensitive position.