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KFF All LOCATIONS: Early Childhood Developmental Technician (ECDT)
Early Childhood Developmental Technician (ECDT)




The ECDT assists the ECDS in carrying out the daily treatment plans and implementing the Individualized Treatment Plan (ITP) for each patient.

1. Communicates & interacts with children in a caring way
2. Skill in following instructions
3. Effective documentation skills
4. Nurturing abilities

1. The ECDT works directly under the supervision of the ECDS. The ECDT assists with the treatment of patients and participates in the implementation of the Individualized Treatment Plan (ITP) to ensure the maximum treatment of the patients served.

2. Ensures a positive emotional climate for the patients by showing respect to children and adults through a willingness to help others, by maintaining friendly inter-personal relations, and use of appropriate and approved discipline techniques under the guidance of the ECDS.

3. Assists the ECDS in maintaining an environment helpful or favorable to preventative discipline.

4. Speaks in a language that is pleasant and loving to patients and personnel to strengthen and build relationships.

5. Attends and actively participates in job-related center functions such as parent meetings, peer reviews, conferences with ECDS, staff workshops, and job orientations, as directed by ECDS.

6. Represents the program to parents, visitors, and the public in a positive way.

7. Maintains a clean, safe, healthy, and sanitary learning environment for patients by working under the supervision of the ECDS to ensure that patients are kept clean, clothing is changed when necessary, and toys and other materials are disinfected each day.

8. Maintains familiarity with health and safety guidelines, including universal precautions and daily operating procedures, as implemented by the clinic nurse.

9. Immediately reports any information regarding health and safety concerns to the ECDS or clinic nurse.

10. Completes 15 hours of relevant and approved in-service training per fiscal year.

11. Is familiar with the company’s policies and procedures and guidelines, as well as those requirements set forth by regulatory agencies, including EIDT, AR Child Care Licensing, the Division of Provider Services and Quality Assurance, and the AR Health Department.

12. Displays concern for the rights of patients and families served by the clinic.

13. Reports for work dressed appropriately and complies with established company policies regarding dress code.

14. Ensures confidentiality of patient and employee information and responds to inside and outside information according to clinic policy.

15. Assists the ECDS with documentation (i.e., Weekly Progress Report, Incident/accident reports, Diaper Charts, Billing Sheets, ITP), as requested.

16. May be asked to perform some housekeeping/janitorial functions.

17. Works to build positive relationships with parents and coworkers.

18. Works as part of a team with concern for the entire program.

19. Energizes co-workers, parents, and patients.

20. Demonstrates good people skills, competency in job, and communicates clinic’s mission.

21. Implements, with energy, the core programs and developmental programs, (Five Books a Day, etc), of the clinic.

22. Early every morning, check to see if all the treatment rooms have appropriate ratio (adult to child ratio).

23. Early each morning check to see which workers are not coming to work or have to leave early.

24. Early every morning check with staff to find out if they need anything (towels,
diapers, wipes, cleaning chemicals, billing sheets, sign in sheets, chairs, cots, etc.

25. Help with serving and delivering food when necessary.

26. Supervisors are responsible for covering room if the staff is short for the day.

27. Ensures that all breaks are taken after the needs of the treatment rooms are met.
Example: May need to help cover two lunches back to back and take a later lunch.

28. Monitor all paperwork: billing sheets, sign in and sign out sheets, incident/accident reports etc.

29. Check for cleanliness of treatment rooms.

30. Help bathe a child and/or children when needed. Help take children to the bathroom. Help take children to the nurse as needed. Help take children to and from the playground as needed.

31. Monitor playground for technician’s interaction with children. Monitor for safety of the children.

32. Monitor teaching in the treatment rooms’ Daily Plans.

33. Responsible for passing out and collecting treatment rooms’ Daily Plans.

34. Monitor the teaching of the ITPs.

35. Required to help teach IPTPs when the need is present.

36. Be willing and available to meet the needs of the children, technicians and additional staff throughout the day. This does not limit the supervisor’s responsibilities to just the duties listed above.

37. Regular and punctual attendance is required.

38. May perform other related and non-related duties, as assigned.

39. Has the ability to work required overtime.




A. A minimum of a high school diploma or equivalent.
B. Prefer at least one year’s experience working with infants/toddlers and/or preschool children with developmental disabilities and/or special needs, preferably in a group care setting.

A. Ability to read and write
B. Ability to communicate effectively with children and staff

A. Basic addition and subtraction
B. Basic Multiplication and division

A. Ability to define problems
B. Ability to collect data and draw conclusions

A. Must be able to lift up to 50 pounds.
B. Must be physically able to walk, stand, and stoop for several hours each day.
C. Must be willing and able to sit on the floor and get up without assistance.


WORK ENVIRONMENT: Therapeutic clinic setting.

JOB STATUS: This position is a full-time/part-time, hourly position, non-exempt. (Timecard required). Pay begins at $11.00
This is a safety sensitive position.