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Recently, two physical therapists were recognized by the Smithsonian Institution for their now patented invention, the Self-Initiated Prone Progressive Crawler- or SIPPC. The two PTs created this innovative device to help developmentally delayed infants. The primary goal of the SIPPC is to grant infants movement and provide early advancements that the child can learn to repeat.

This innovation shows what a huge impact physical therapists can make in the lives of even the smallest individuals.  At Kids for the Future, this impact is seen on a day to day basis.  The PTs and PTAs are beneficial to the children at each clinic, which is why it is so important that National Physical Therapy Month is recognized throughout the month of October.

To learn more about the SIPPC & what it can do, visit! Or check out the article written by April Wilkerson which features photographs of infants testing out the device!