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If you feel that your child might be delayed in any two of the four following areas—cognition (trouble learning colors or numbers, problem solving), fine motor skills (unable to use fingers for basic skills like eating and dressing), gross motor skills (muscles limit activities like walking or kicking a ball), or speech and language (a late talker or unable to combine words)—ask your child’s physician about a referral to Kids for the Future, so we can help.

We serve children from ages six months to five years, or until they reach kindergarten. Our highly trained staff will guide your child through the right program, where he or she will receive the best therapeutic, medical and interventional services. These services include: occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech and language pathology, psychology, nursing, pediatrics, audiology, psychiatry, and nutrition. These services are provided during a daily schedule of specialized activities, personalized to your child’s needs.