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Preschool children with teachers looking at flashcards

With an increasing number of young children suffering from speech disorders, May’s Better Hearing and Speech Month is the perfect time for Kids for the Future to honor and celebrate its 14 Speech and Language Pathologists who work across the 5 sites located throughout eastern Arkansas.  These specially trained professionals make up part of the multidisciplinary team that makes Kids for the Future unique.  For over 20 years, Kids for the Future has offered speech and language evaluations, individualized treatment planning, individual and group therapies for children with developmental delays, birth to 5 years old.

Speech, language, and hearing disorders are among the most common disabilities in the United States.  However, unlike many other disabilities, these disorders often are reversible and even preventable with early intervention at Kids for the Future.  Unfortunately, many parents do not recognize the first signs of these disorders.  In young children, early treatment can help prevent them from falling behind academically, socially, and in other key areas at a critical time in their development.

Please join us in thanking and celebrating all of our speech and language pathologists for their commitment and dedication to the children, families and communities we serve.

For more information on Kids for the Future and how we may be able to help your child, please visit: