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Bubbly and engaging, Heather Hunter has built a rapport with Kids for the Future, Inc. Counseling Services families as a licensed professional counselor and, most recently, as the new clinic coordinator for our Marion location. We recently had the opportunity to visit with Heather about her experience as a member of the Kids, Inc. team for the past five years:

What is your favorite Kids for the Future, Inc. memory?

I get to relive my favorite memory annually at our end-of-year summer party, where we celebrate our children’s accomplishments. We all come together to play games and show them how proud we are of their impressive progress. Seeing the smiles on their faces is one of the highlights of my year.

What is the best part of working for Kids for the Future, Inc.?

Working here is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. Everyone is supportive and everything is done with the child’s best interest in mind. The positivity and encouragement not only makes it a wonderful place to work, but an atmosphere where kids can thrive. We’re not afraid to get our hands dirty. I love bonding with children through playing, drawing or creating slime. This promotes trust and understanding in our relationships and allows us to make real progress.

Why do you think Kids for the Future, Inc. is so successful in helping kids?

Our outstanding team! We love working together and, because we have built such camaraderie, we are able to problem solve and communicate effectively. We also have leadership who listen and goes above and beyond to get us the resources we need to provide the best services possible.

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