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320The new academic year can be a stressful time for our kids, especially for those who are entering kindergarten or a traditional classroom for the first time. That’s why we’re sharing tips to ease the back-to-school transition:

Establish an open line of communication: Introduce yourselves to teachers and the school leadership team and offer details on your children’s needs, medical issues and any challenges they may face in the classroom.

Be proactive: Ask for an advance copy of the curriculum to monitor where your children may need assistance, adaption or more instruction at home.

Set goals: Whether through a family calendar or daily check-in system, help your children craft plans to stay on track with their goals throughout the school year. Be a model of positivity by talking about areas of concern and finding approachable solutions to offer support or help.

Shake off the summer slide: Ask your children’s teachers or Kids for the Future therapists for at-home exercises to brush up on reading, writing, math or fine-motor skills (e.g., cutting, drawing).

Encourage self-help skills: Prepare children for their newfound independence by encouraging them to complete real-life tasks such as putting on shoes or jackets by themselves.

Stick to a routine: For many children with special needs, consistency is key. Help children better acclimate to new daily schedules with set morning, bedtime, homework or eating routines.

Need additional tips to help eliminate back-to-school jitters? Contact Kids for the Future’s clinics at 870-633-1737.