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Summer is officially here! While trips to the amusement park or pool may be an easy escape for some, these activities are often much harder for kids with developmental delays or physical disabilities. To help boost your family’s fun, here are five fun activities everyone can enjoy this summer:

  1. Soothing Swing: Find a swing for your child to enjoy this summer—whether it’s in your backyard, school playground or local park. Swings are good for physical, social and cognitive development, and they offer therapeutic benefits. In fact, swinging can have a powerful impact on the brain’s ability to process and use sensory information. The amount of vestibular input is different for each child, but swings are proven way to enhance balance, spatial awareness and social integration.
  2. Tent Building: Create “the best tent ever” in your living room or backyard with household items, such as blankets, chairs or lamp shades. This activity can include role-playing as cartoon characters, reading a book or using a flashlight to make shadow puppets. It can also be a great resource when you need to calm a child with hide-out or a quiet place.
  3. Backyard Water Park: Make your own backyard water park for a full afternoon of fun. For active children, you can create a variety of “water rides” including a small splash pool, garden sprinkler, water table or slip ‘n’ slide. If your child’s tolerance for water play is low, sit them on the lawn (or, if they are sensitive to grass, put them on a towel for more comfort) and place your finger over the hose to create a variety of sprays.
  4. Sloppy Sensory: Weather permitting, share in some slimy activities outside to help your child “test” their senses. Spray a table with shaving cream and let your child smear it around or fill a bin with rice for them to bury their toes. Another option is to make a mud pit. You can always wash them off after with a hose!
  5. Movie Madness: An at-home movie experience is a great way for your children to take a break and relax for a couple of hours. For the full effect, make homemade movie tickets, prepare a bowl of kid-approved snacks and set up pillows and blankets. These little additions will help make it a special event.

Have other at-home activity ideas? Share them with us on Facebook. The possibilities for summer fun are endless!